Student Responsibilities



It is important to understand the Calhoon MEBA Engineering School administration's and faculty's expectations of the students enrolled in courses, either on site or at remote locations, in order to bolster an overall atmosphere conducive to the purpose of learning.

No training activity where there is the intent to transfer knowledge, skills and attitudes, can be completed without the honest feedback from students. Accordingly, few things are more important to this school than the course evaluation process, airing of complaints, and suggestions for improvement from our students.

The school enrolls students who are MEBA members as well as all maritime and related industry professionals employed at sea or ashore who:

  • expect to be treated with respect, dignity, and consideration and, in turn, treat each other and CMES personnel similarly so that a climate of learning and open communication exists;
  • expect personal confidential information will remain confidential and, in turn, will support those efforts of the school to maintain credibility in records and information;
  • expect to be informed about schedule changes and school priorities and, in turn, will keep the administration informed about personal events, needs for conditions affecting his or her full participation in enrolled training;
  • expect the facilities and accommodations will be safe, adequate for their purpose, well maintained, and comfortable and, in turn, will make use of these facilities, fixtures and equipment as if they were their very own;
  • will ascribe to a personal code of conduct that includes, but is not limited to, clean but casual attire, no excesses of drink or behavior, operation of vehicles in a careful and safe manner, and support of campus recycling initiatives;
  • will attend and be on time to all scheduled class periods and class functions unless prior arrangements with the administration have been made and confirmed, being aware that any particular class attendance or participation can be a matter of strict compliance to regulatory rules that may not allow the administration to permit exceptions;
  • will make best efforts to diligently study, comprehend and be assessed as to the level of personal achievement of course objectives;
  • will settle any commercial arrangements with the school before the end of his or her scheduled course;
  • will participate in the course evaluation process with complete and professional feedback;
  • will, when requested, participate in post learning surveys within one year of attendance with complete and professional feedback; and
  • will, when motivated by personal experience or observation, openly provide serious suggestions for the practical improvement of CMES courses, processes and facilities.