Live Virtual (Online) Course Format and Requirements


The Calhoon MEBA Engineering School has received approval from the USCG to teach certain courses in a fully online format.  The USCG approval requires that CMES provide Live Virtual (real time) instructor led training for delivery of knowledge-based lectures.  CMES has chosen to use the Zoom virtual meeting platform for our online live video platform.  Assessments and final exams will be completed remotely online using a combination of methods including the use of the ExamSoft learning assessment platform.

Classes will utilize the approved course schedule.  The daily start and end time will be announced when the class is scheduled.  Students who are registered into a Live Virtual class will receive emails with the Zoom invitation as well as any other additional information or documentation needed.

The remote assessment/exam procedures, including directions on the downloading of Examplify (the ExamSoft testing application) as well as requirements and exam procedures, will be provided in a separate email.  Remote assessments/exams will be available for download and scheduled immediately following completion of the Live Virtual portion.

Upon successful completion of the online assessments a course completion certificate will be sent via USPS to the address on file.



The following is an overview of CMES' live virtual course format and requirements:

  • Utilizing the video conferencing capability of Zoom, CMES will provide synchronous instructor led training to students.
  • Students will complete the Live Virtual instructor led portion and then immediately complete the remote examination process.
  • Students will register for Live Virtual courses via the normal CMES registration process.
  • On the scheduled date and time the instructor will begin each scheduled Live Virtual session utilizing the Zoom video conference platform and take attendance. A record of attendance for each session will be verified and retained as part of the student records.
  • Morning and afternoon sessions will be convened in accordance with the approved course schedule.
  • Students must be present, visible on camera at all times during class hours, and participate in all scheduled Live Virtual sessions. CMES is required to verify student’s identity for all sessions in accordance with our approved USCG process.
  • Upon successful completion of all course requirements the student will be issued a course completion certificate.



Students are responsible to have the following technical capabilities in order to participate in online courses offered by CMES:

  • Desktop PC/Mac or laptop computer (Tablets and cellphones are not currently supported for ExamSoft remote exam testing.)
  • Reliable high-speed Internet connection
  • Email and scanning capabilities (If the student does not have access to a document scanner, scanning may include the ability to take and email/upload images of documents - i.e., use phone camera or PDF scanning app on phone.)
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Earphones (recommended but not required)
  • Additional system capabilities may be required for certain courses to run programs/simulations


System requirements for taking the remote assessment exams using Examplify, the testing application for the ExamSoft platform, are provided separately and can be found at:


PLEASE NOTE: If a student fails to join a session for any reason (including technical issues as a result of the student's equipment, setup, Internet provider, or technical capabilities/limitations), this constitutes an absence and CMES is not responsible for the time missed.