Course Schedules

This one-week course is designed to develop knowledge and skills in handling and managing shipboard incidents involving fire. It is intended for those personnel who will respond to, operate, and manage the incident aboard ship. The Advanced Fire Fighting course will cover pre-fire planning, fixed fire detection and extinguishing systems, fire party training, and incident leadership and command practices. Practical exercises are designed to develop these command skills.

Note: Members holding a "Not Fit for Duty" slip are not eligible to take this course.


Course Capacity: 10 students

Prerequisites: None

Special Requirements: Coveralls, available at the school store, are needed for this course. High-top work boots are not mandatory but are recommended.

USCG Approval: Any applicant who has successfully completed our Advanced Fire Fighting (MEBAMD-15) course will satisfy the Advanced Fire Fighting training requirements of Section A-VI/3 and Table A-VI/3 of the STCW Code, as amended 2010, 46 CFR 11.201(h), and 11.303(a), and the firefighting requirements for a national tankerman endorsement in 46 CFR 13.201(c)(3); 13.301(c)(3); 13.401(d); and 13.501(c)(3).