Course Requirements


Prerequisite Note

Please make note of course prerequisites as you consider your personal training plan. They are designed to provide the framework that will maximize your learning experience by taking you logically to and through the courses you desire while preparing you for the higher level courses.

In order for the classes and lab sessions to be more productive and efficient for both students and instructors, your course work will be chosen based on your prior training and experience. Prerequisites may be waived if prior education at other facilities and/or work training records prove equivalent to the requirements. Please call the school for details.

Class Attendance

Attendance is mandatory to successfully complete a class.  Tardiness and missed classes can be grounds for not receiving a course completion certificate, regardless of the grades a student earns on tests and lab work.

Course Grade Requirements

To successfully complete any course, a student must attain the minimum cumulative score for all work required in the course they are attending. Anyone failing to meet the minimum will not receive a Certificate of Completion or credit for the course on his/her transcript of certificates earned.

While the nature of the assigned course work (quizzes, homework, written tests, practical demonstrations, etc.) will vary depending on the design of the particular course, the cumulative 70% standard remains firm. Calhoon MEBA Engineering School must strictly adhere to our established minimum grading standard to retain compliance with STCW, USCG and DNV policies.

Note on STCW Requirements

Several of the courses described herein are required for compliance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Convention known as STCW Including 2010 Manila Amendments. All required courses are noted as such. Please refer to the STCW FAQ page for more detailed information on the requirements and subject areas covered by these regulations.