Licensed Cadet Intern Program



The CMES Cadet Internship Program is only open to individuals who are currently attending a four-year maritime academy.  This includes individuals who graduate in June/July prior to the start of the Internship Program.  Applicants must have successfully completed at least their first three years at the academy.

When is the internship to be conducted?

We have blocked out three weeks during the summer - July 8-26, 2019.  However, we will try to accomodate for scheduling conflicts.

How long will the internship last?

The summer program is blocked out for three weeks.  However, cadets may attend for as long (or short) as their schedule permits.

During this three-week program, students will receive instruction in several of the following areas:

(PLEASE NOTE: Not all classes are offered every year.)

  • USCG-approved High Voltage Safety
  • USCG-approved Marine Electric Propulsion
  • USCG-approved MEECE
  • Government courses - CBRD, Damage Control, and Small Arms
  • USCG-approved Vessel Security Officer
  • USCG-approved Tankerman DL

Cadets are expected to bring:

  • business casual attire for in-class lectures
  • coveralls and/or work clothes for labs
  • casual attire for after 1600 hours
  • an Academy uniform for formal events
  • comfortable/sports clothes for swimming, boating, and/or fishing
  • a good attitude
  • a desire to learn